BSWEDEN design decorates Harrods

To some it might seem strange that a department store as exclusive as Harrods orders its new prestigious chandelier from a company that is located in a former stable in Herråkra, southern Sweden.

Herråkra! To get there the English gentlemen were forced to find their way on winding gravel roads just like all the other visitors.
It might also sound strange that the unveiling of this chandelier is preceeded by a campaign designed by Harrods to prepare the Londoners for the cities newest piece of art. Is it worth causing such a stir? A glass lamp from the Småland region?

To those who have seen the chandelier´s design it does not sound strange at all, but rather understandable. We are not allowed to reveal what the chandelier will look like. The chandelier has just been delivered and will be inaugurated in the beginning of October. It is not until then that the creation which has been manufactured far away from glamorous London will be shown.

At the Studioglas Strömberg glassworks, a couple of kilometres south of Herråkra, master craftsman Håkan Gunnarsson was busy bringing the details of the chandelier into shape in front of the roaring glass furnace.

Preparations have been underway for almost a year now.
- The hardest part was to make the big glass funnels. We had to be a bit more daring and use our imagination more than usual as our regular glass production is rather strict, says Håkan.
The production process is like the one for making fruit dishes where all the glass details are rifled to get the glittering effect.

During the past couple of days the chandelier has been put up in London. Before it was sent off from Sweden it had been assembled on a former hayloft. All 822 pieces were marked before the chandelier was taken apart, carefully packed in boxes, sent off. Up with the 822 pieces again, 600 kg and six metres in length. The hall will be closed off for a short time while even the three smaller chandeliers will be put up before the doors will be opened for a festive opening ceremony. As a sparkling bouquet it will welcome the visitors in "The White Hall" – the hall where 115000 visitors enjoy one of the worlds largest offer of exclusive cosmetics each day.

- This is a very prestigious order and for us a way to show that we can handle a project of this size, says Åke Carlson, General Manager of BSWEDEN.
- It is more of a glass sculpture than a lamp and it would not surprise me to see more pieces with such artistic features in our future collections.

BSWEDEN believes that the demand in their lamps will increase, especially in Europe but even in the Gulf region, due to this special order from Harrods.

Despite all secrecy, in the factory showroom in Herråkra the original model gets attention. Designed by Peter Nilsson and considerably small compared to the one at Harrods it allows a tickling insight into what can be expected at this department store with its fine old traditions.

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