About Beckmans School of Design
Anders Beckman and Göta Trädgårdh were successful visionaries and professionals in advertising and fashion, having founded Beckmans School of Design in 1939. Although Beckmans programs traditionally focused on advertising and fashion , a decade ago they were extended to encompass Form, a course and project program directed at product and interior (industrial) design.

With an enrollment of circa 150 students, Beckmans is internationally renowed as one of the top schools of Swedish design. At Beckmans, the teaching staff are all active designers providing an up-to-date pulse regarding the needs and ideas behind shape expressions, and the constant flow of guest lecturers at the school ads an element essential for stimulating a fertile atmosphere for project development and creativity. Workshops, work-programs and cooperation with independent firms helps enhance the program providing students with an added benefit: hands-on experience, an aspect essential toward fulfilling the needs and interests of contemporary issues regarding design and form, and our students are well represented on the design scene both in Sweden and internationally (abroad).

An annual exhibition of graduate student projects will be held between the 21:st and the 27:th of May. Student presentations, pictures and other materials associated with the exhibition will be available on-line at www.beckmansschool.se

For more information please contact:

Advertising program:
Petter Wallin, cellphone +46 707 348 050 petter@passagen.se

Fashion program:
Sarah Isaksson, cellphone +46 706 969 308

Form program:
Jenny Oldsjö, cellphone +46 708 821 066