Alvar Aalto's home

Alvar Aalto's house on Riihitie in Helsinki has been re-opened to the public after the completion of technical repairs.
The house was restored in order to preserve the feeling of times gone by.

In 1935-36, Alvar Aalto designed his Riihitie house in the Munkkiniemi area of Helsinki and had it constructed. It is the first building by Aalto in Helsinki. The Riihitie house is a small architectural gem whose natural modernism foresees Villa Mairea. The house's interior and exterior form a continuum that is highlighted by natural materials and proximity to plants.

The Aalto couple decorated their house mainly with furniture and lighting fixtures of their own design. Over 60 years of life can be sensed from the touches of different design epochs. During restoration work, Artek renovated some of the old pieces of furniture. Artek also took part in choosing upholstery materials as well as complemented the furniture in the bedrooms.

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