From 8 September to 3 November, the Biennale di Venezia will host the exhibition NEXT: the future of world architecture.

will illustrate the developments of architecture in the years to come, revealing what will be built and how.

A far cry from the rather fantastic and virtual representations that have brought architecture ever closer to the world of art installations, this year's Biennale Architecture Exhibition will above all explore the quality of shapes and materials in constructed architecture.

The architects of the whole world explore new avenues, trying to match the discovery of new materials with new construction techniques in order to confer new tactile and visual qualities to their buildings. Many of these experiments will be on display, from Japanese architect Toyo Ito's work on aluminium and reinforced concrete glass, to the elegant covering materials used in Herzog and Meuron's digital designs.

The International Exhibition NEXT will be held in the spacious Arsenale (Corderie and Artiglierie), along an enchanting itinerary in which will blend together the venues of the past and the future of new constructions, made visible through large and small models and photographs. More than 110 projects that have never been seen before will be presented, divided into 10 sections, each dealing with a particular type of construction or architectural theme: museums, towers, work, housing, church and state, communication, performance, shopping, education, and masterplans. Projects will be the focus of this architecture exhibition; projects by both established and emerging architects, all selected because of the quality of their work.

Venice, Giardini di Castello - Arsenale
From 8 September to 3 November, 2002
: 6 September from 10 am to 8 pm - 7 September
from 10 am to 2 pm
Official opening: Arsenale, 7 September at 5 pm
Open to the public: From 8 September