Wooden Tray

Jørgen Høj designed his beautiful wooden trays in 1953. Even today
they are made from 100 to 150 year-old maple trees from Danish
forests. Every piece of wood has been handpicked and carefully dried
in order to obtain the perfect rigid quality.

The trays, available in 4 versions of soap-treated maple wood, have
the clean and subtle lines in grain and finish to be beautiful on
their own, but they can also be used for bread, snacks, or even
various kinds of hot food.

For daily cleaning, use a cloth, wrung out in clean, lukewarm water.
General washing-up can be done when needed, but it is important that
the tray be only shortly exposed to water. They tray is not suited
for machine wash.

In copper, brass, and stainless steel Trepas, designed in 1966, can
be positioned indefinitely while reflecting uniquely against each other.

The Cartier ring’s refined distribution of three types of gold in
integrated circles of; gold, red gold and white gold have ignited my
interest for the tealight. Long I have been missing a holder for this
universal and simple candle that could transform the living flame and
provide a tinge of infinity. Combined in countless ways, the flames
reflects and mirrors in the metals, brass, copper and stainless steel
so generously that the “Aladdin’s Cave” find new life. — Peter Karpf,

Trepas is coated in such a way that the three solid metals never
changes color through oxidation or frequent handling (there will be
no marks or fingerprints) and the product therefore need no
additional after-treatment or polishing. Trepas is available either
as Trepas six or Trepas nine with respectively 2 times 3 cups or 3
times 3 cups, both provide several possibilities for many combinations.




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