A door-handle that communicates with colored light.
The areas of application are endless; lavatories, hotels, cruiseships and conferencerooms to name a few.
In a hotel the colors can signify different things; red - ' do not disturb ', green - ' cleaning please ', yellow - ' roomservice '. In a restroom red means occupied and green means vacant.
Further, the door-handle provides an important safety feature. In case of fire in a hotel, the door-handle will lead the distressed to safety. The door-handle will flash a green light on those doors leading to an emergency exit and display a red light on misleading doors.
The construction is simple; A powerful diode is placed in the bolt, from there the light is transported through fibre optics out to the door-handle. This ensures that there is no electricity in the handle itself. Mains or battery supplies the power of the diode.

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