Exhibition tours in the U.S.A. at the Schools of Architecture 1.11.99 - October 2000

November 1-21,1999 University of New Mexico, Albuquerque
January 22-29, 2000 University of Oregon, Eugene
February 9 - March 21, 2000 Columbia University, New York
September 6 - October 4, 2000 Roger Williams University, Bristol, RI
October 17 - November 10, 2000 San Jose State University, San Fransisco
November 2000 - January 2001, Alaska Design Forum, Anchorage, Alaska

Villa Mairea

There is an ulterior motive, too, in architecture, which is always peeping out from around the corner, the idea of creating paradise. It is only purpose of our buildings. If we do not carry this idea with us the whole time all our buildings would be simpler, more trivial and life would become - well, would life amount to anything at all? Every building, every work of architecture, is a symbol which has the aspiration to show that we want to build a paradise on earth for ordinary mortals.
- Alvar Aalto 1958 -

This quotation of Alvar Aalto can especially be applied to his one-family houses of which fifteen are introduced here in chronological - so we can see clearly what changed with the times and what remaind constant in Aalto's architecture.

Exhibition organizers
The Alvar Aalto Foundation in cooperation with the Consulates General of Finland in Los Angeles and New York and the Embassy of Finland in Washington D.C.

Models and photographs
Jari Jetsonen

Exhibition design and lay-out
Severi Blomstedt, Jari Jetsonen

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