Photographs by Maija Holma
in Alvar Aalto Museum

Maija Holma
Alvar Aalto
"A Gentler Structure for Life"
Alvar Aalto Museum's Studio 12.4.-10.6.2001

"It seems to me that there are many situations in life where the organization is too brutal; it is the architect's task to give life a gentler structure".
Alvar Aalto 1955

In 1997 I toured Finland and abroad photographing Alvar Aalto's buildings for his 100th Anniversary Celebration Publication. The book was titled, "A Gentler Structure for Life", from which was born the exhibition of the same name. A more comprehensive version of the exhibition including 50 pictures is at present touring Latin America. A compact version of it containing 30 pictures will be held at the Alvar Aalto Museum from the 12th April till the 10th of June, 2001. In the Autumn it will tour the Canary Islands.

Photographing architecture for me means picturing a place and conveying the feeling of being present in it. Places are composed not only of architectural forms but also by the intercommunication of buildings with nature, the changing light patterns and the meeting of natural light with half-lit interior spaces.

Even though nature in itself is unsurpassably splendid and complete, as a dwelling place for the mind a person needs something human, something fallible, something incomplete and passing - architecture. From the relationship between omniscient nature and the works of man's inadequate hands, a place is created, where a person who is present can feel a sense of belonging.
Maija Holma 2001


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